Wimbledon BUMMER!

Well I just listened (on Radio Wimbledon via the internet) to Roger Federer go down against Tomas Berdych in the quarters of Wimbledon. I'm SOOO disappointed!  I love Federer. What a class act he is. I feel about him like a lot of senior citizen guys feel about all the baseball greats they watched growing up - basically it was a privilege to see him play. But at some point all the great ones have to have a down turn in their career. I still think (and hope) Roger will win more slams. He IS the greatest player in tennis - ever - period. I so wanted to see him equal Pete’s record of seven Wimbledon titles this year. I only hope Nadal loses today too!

So as a tip of the hat to Pete’s record still being in tact at the big W, I am posting this painting I did of Pete circa 2001 or so. I attempted to do it in the style of one of my favorite American Illustrators, J.C. Leyendecker. Debateable how successful I was in that. I have since made a (til now) silent vow to find my own style rather than copy the style of others.

Oh well, is it beer O’clock yet? I want to drown my sorrows...­­­