Art Book Problem

Did I ever tell you how much I love art books and DVDs? Probably. Well back a few years ago, when I was still single and had Dish network, (as opposed to cable which we have now which is terrible) there was a station on there called "Ovation Network". They used to air all kinds of great art documentaries. One series I just loved was called “Every Picture Tells a Story”. It was hosted by British art critic Waldemar Januszczak. He’s the art critic for the “Times” in London.  The dude is great as far as learning art goes. He’s like Professor Simon Schama of Columbia University in that he really makes learning the historical part of art fun and entertaining as well as informative. Very engaging fellow. Anyway if you Google his name you’ll find out all about him.

Reason I mentioned him is that I just bought a book he co-wrote which is now out of print called "Techniques of the Worlds Great Painters". Since it's out of print I ordered it from Amazon and (hopefully) it's in good condition. I’ve gotten these kind of books before and find them at least interesting if not totally helpful to my own painting. The only reason I purchased this one is because his name was on it, and I thought I saw a copy of it in a local used book shop before I knew who he was.

Some people have gambling problems, others have drug addictions, still others have alcohol related issues, and some lucky devils have all three. I on the other hand, have an art book problem, that is slowly turning into an art/history DVD addiction, that if not soon treated, will turn into financial related issues.

I would just love to have the time to gather all the colors needed and sit down and do the step-by-steps in these types of books using my own reference photos or a still life set up in front of me. That's the hardest part of the art thing, finding (o.k. MAKING) the time to do it up really right.

Oh! Did I mention I also purchased the aforementioned series "Every Picture Tells a Story" on DVD?

Yeah. It's a problem alright.