Wedding Day Memories

Taking a break from showing sketchbook  progress to share these pictures we just got last week or so from our wedding photographer.  I got hitched to Linda on May 22nd at St. Valentine church in sunny and fashionable Bethel Park, PA.  Although the day was not sunny sadly. And my sister took a header climbing into the limo-bus because of the rain.  Other than that it was pretty fashionable I'd say.

We're in the process now of picking shots for an album.  Not an easy process since there's damn' near 800 to choose from, and that's after the photographer edited out the real bad ones.  I'm just thankful for Adobe Bridge on my tower at home (as part of CS4).  That is a super tool for this job.  Some designers I know don't like that program.  I never can understand why.  I use it everyday!  Hopefully this will be the start of converting my wife to Apple from the dark side.  (Doubt it though.)

By the way, these images along with images of books I suggest and review, should be the only photos ever on this blog that I don’t take myself.

Bye for now!