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Well kids if you happen to live in the sunny south hills suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, then you'll soon be receiving a newsletter via pony express that I designed and produced at the ad agency I'm currently with.

I've done these for about the last two years now, and the amount of copy in the latest issues just seems to grow and grow (from 8 pages to 12 to be precise). But, that's what the client wants so who am I to argue?

My design challenge is what it often is; see how much client-provided copy I can fit  into a limited space with images and make it look real good.

I actually enjoy working on this design project more than I do many others these days. Mainly because I get to choose some of the photos and work in Photoshop to clean them up and do any effects to them I think will look good and enhance the copy.

Here's one small example of that. There were many uninteresting photos of the fellow shown below provided to me by the client for a feature article. I chose a few I thought would work. All of them needed tweeking, but on this particular one I did some creative cropping, rotating, turning knobs and flipping switches and came up with an image that is more interesting.

Click here to go to the web page that has my entire newsletter in a nice “flip book” presentation. I had to set the file up a certain way to get this to happen. Then a vendor actually produced it for the web.

Well that's my graphic arts flavored post for today. Next time it'll be back to the fine arts side of the spectrum.

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