Art Photography and Flickr

I’m an oil painter not a photographer. However, I do enjoy creating images through digital photography (who doesn’t these days) and since I use Photoshop almost every day, own three cameras, and have a large back log of images, I took the opportunity in 2011 to start my own Flickr page.

Here’s a few of my images from the past year, that now live on my Flicker site for all to see (and comment on):

               Grand Canyon - found in the “Las Vegas and Arizona 2011” Gallery.

                                 Tennis Player - found in the “Tennis” Gallery.

                            Nature shot - found in the “Land and Sea” Gallery.

Flickr, in my opinion, is the best photo site to use, even if you’re not on the pro level, because it’s where you get the widest exposure (photo pun intended). Within hours of posting my first few galleries I had page views and comments from people in other countries.

I can only imagine what would happen if I were to let Flickr suck every ounce of spare time out of my life. I”d have no time to oil paint that’s what would happen!

So forget it!!


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