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Among the many great folks I met at my exhibit opening reception last month was a local artist named James Guentner. Jim is a former bodybuilder and super nice fellow who does realistic paintings of various subjects familiar to the Western-Pennsylvania region.

Among the many things we discussed that night were e-commerce sites. Jim has his paintings on fine art e-commerce sites all over the web, and enjoys selling prints and interacting with other artists through those sites. Before meeting Jim, I had been thinking over various e-commerce art sites for a long while, but never did anything about it. I did open a PayPal account however, in preparation for getting on ETSY.com “some day” in the future.

Well the future is now, and that “some day” for me came about a week ago. Only it wasn’t ETSY I began the e-commerce thing with, it was Fine Art America.

I realize that simply opening an account and posting images on Fine Art America doesn’t guarantee I’ll sell anything. In fact, the marketing aspect of my fine art career is now more important than ever for that very fact. But what joining Fine Art America does do, is enable me to reach a wider audience while enabling me to sell prints as well as originals.

My ETSY store is still in the planning stages too.

So please, avail yourselves of my work on Fine Art America by clicking here.

And don’t forget to check out James Guentner’s work here.


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