Postcard From Italy

Since history is being made recently with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, today’s postcard shares with you my shots of the pope from my recent visit to Rome. These are from the weekly, Wednesday papal audience which the public can attend.

These are not great shots by any means and I wasn’t even going to show them. In light of the recent historical events however, figured I might as well.

Shot all these with my 300mm zoom on the old Rebel. Click on them to enlarge.

Didn’t really do any special effects to these shots. Just a bit of color correction, selective blur and sharpening, pump up the volume on the contrast - you get the picture.

The first "pope emeritus" in 600 years, and you and I were alive to witness it. How lucky we all are.

Tell you one thing, if you ever go to Rome for one of these papal audiences, better queue up early and be prepared to be pushed from behind by angry natives. I just pushed right back though. When in Rome right?

Click here to go to the Vatican’s website. Scroll down a bit to see previous “Postcards From Italy”


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