Digital "Painting"

Today's post doubles as one of my “Postcards from Italy” because the subject is a Swiss Guard at the Vatican that I shot with my Canon Rebel and a 300mm zoom.

I don’t do too many “digital paintings”, mainly because it takes me away from doing my real oil paintings. But with the loads of fun and endless possibilities this kind of image manipulation brings, how can one not dabble in it at the very least?

“Swiss Guard”

Did this in Photoshop while trying to follow a real confusing tutorial in a British Photoshop magazine I picked up at Barnes & Noble. It’s amazing how badly written some step-by-steps are. Makes me really appreciate a Photoshop guru like Scott Kelby.

Anyway, here’s the original processed and cleaned jpg that went into the family photo album.

Amazing what blowing out contrast, applying filters, isolating the image on its own layer, roughing up edges with art brushes, putting it over top of an abstract background, then playing with the curves will do!

So much can be done digitally to an image that it sometimes is a challenge to know when your done.

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