Postcards from Britain - Blenheim Palace, Part 3

As I mentioned in a previous post, in centuries past the English were great for pounding their chests in the face of their French rivals, and Blenheim Palace is all about that. The image below shows an example - a sculptural detail on top of a double column in the main courtyard at Blenheim. A close look shows that the Lion, (symbol of England) is mauling and about to devour a bird (symbol of France).

Take THAT French!
From this position, if you turn to your right, you see the main body of Blenheim Palace. It is similar to standing in front of the Vatican in that the main structure sits in front of you, and you are enclosed (hugged if you will) by two wings on each side. The setting is awesome.

Blenheim is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Blenheim is used as a backdrop for many films and television episodes. My favorite being Lewis (Multi award-winning Kevin Whately and the accomplished Laurence Fox, solving crimes against the stunning backdrop of Oxford!). The day I shot the image above, the palace was being used as a backdrop for a show called The Royals which airs in the U.S. on the E channel - which explains all the clutter in my shot.

Lastly for now, here are some links I probably should have posted earlier in this series on Blenheim Palace:

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