Postcard From England - Downton Abbey Art

To prime you for the big Downton Abbey film, I am featuring some digital art I created from the loads of images I shot while on a recent trip to Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey) in Hampshire England.

Here is my processed JPG. Most glaring need is for a decent sky. Way too many tourists cluttering up my shot as well.

Below is the same shot with a slightly different crop. I found a nice sky from my bank of shots I took in the Cotswolds just the day before and merged it into this shot for some interest. Next I retouched out many of those pesky tourists. Lastly, I punched up the overall color and sharpened the image to taste.

Below is the latest version of a digital watercolor painting I did using the above shot.

Using textures and brushes is fun. I could play with this image for months if I choose and experiment with different looks. Very soon however I will stop and make available for you the final painting in all its high resolution glory in my Fine Art America store.

Stay tuned for more England inspired art. Cheers!

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