Postcards from Britain - National Gallery Part 2

I took loads of photos inside the National Gallery, London - All without flash of course and only where allowed.

There is something thrilling about being surrounded by original masterpieces some of which I have been studying in books for years. Yes you can see some of this stuff on the web, but that experience only goes so far.

Below are a few of my shots from inside the National Gallery.

The Toilet of Venus by Diego Velazquez
The Immaculate Conception by Diego Velazquez
A wall of Velazquez paintings
Detail of Philip IV hunting Wild Boar by Diego Velazquez
I rather like Diego Velazquez!

A wall of Rembrandt paintings
The National Gallery is open late on Friday nights, but gets too crowded and a bit too dark to see properly in places.

The National Gallery London on a Friday evening.

Of course you cannot go to the National Gallery London without marveling at (for the better part of an hour) some of the quintessentially British paintings in the collection:

The Fighting Temeraire by JMW Turner
Detail of The Fighting Temeraire by JMW Turner
Dido building Carthage by JMW Turner
The Hay Wain by John Constable
I have been to my share of art museums both large and small. Of what I consider to be the "big three" that I have visited, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the National Gallery in Washington D.C. and the National Gallery in London, the National Gallery London is my favorite.

Whenever I am in one of these places I always fantasize about living in there for a week straight. I would have all the basic necessities of life - superior fine art, food, clothing, shelter and wash rooms. What could be better?


Postcards from Britain - National Gallery Part 1

On a recent, first time holiday to Britain I went to the National Gallery London. Twice. For multiple hours. And it was not long enough!

As you could see we had fantastic weather, which surprised me no end. The National Gallery sprawls across one end of Trafalgar Square. In fact the main collection is housed on one floor, so it kind of has to sprawl I suppose. Sure makes it easy to get around without climbing stairs.

You may want (or need) to go down stairs in the main part of the building for lunch and the water closets. On your way down, do not miss the great view of Trafalgar Square with Big Ben in the background seen out the front window.

Photography tip - When shooting through glass, put your lens right up against the window pane and cup your hand around the lens if need be, to cut way down on unwanted reflections.

By the way, look closely at the base of Nelson’s column highlighted below. Those relief sculptures at the base were created using melted down French cannon balls. The British love to celebrate their historic victories over the French - a theme I will illustrate in future posts.

Lastly for now, here is a sculpture out in front of the National Gallery that was unveiled earlier the same day I shot this image. It is a representation of thumb I suppose. But it reminds some people of something else apparently. Cannot imagine what…


Another New Sale

My recent solo exhibit has resulted in another sale.

"Christmas Stalking", 8x10' oil painting

This is the second most recent oil painting I have completed. Finished it last fall, and now it's gone. I was actually hoping to enjoy hanging this original oil painting in my home for at least another holiday season - as it turns out, no. 

I hope the collector that bought it enjoys it for many years to come!


New Still Life

Here are the step-by-step shots from my latest still life oil painting.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

And here am I - mugging for the camera - with some of my pieces during my recent solo exhibit. The finished, framed skull oil painting is in the upper right foreground.


Newly Sold

Many times I have mixed emotions about selling one of my originals because I tend to get emotionally attached to them, and also because I am not so prolific yet that I can just belt out another piece to replace it.

Flamingo In Dappled Light, 8x6 inches, oil painting

This latest sale made me smile though because it just cracks me up how things work. No matter how obscure I think a subject is, and no matter how much I think "No one will want this", sooner or later it resonates with someone out there and the piece sells.