Bridge Discovery

Came across a cool Adobe feature I'd never seen before while using Bridge CS4 the other day. The choice to "Auto Resolve". As I was copying an image from a CD to a folder of images on my hard drive, one of the files had the same name as an existing file, and instead of just overwriting the file or choosing not to copy it at all, I was given the choice to "Auto Resolve". Apparently, that lets you copy the file without overwriting the one with the identical name by putting a numeral at the end of the copied filename to automatically make it a unique file name. Pretty nice. This may be an OS feature that I wasn't aware of and not an Adobe feature, but I doubt it. I'd just never come across it before.

Aside from that, here todays digital offering. I shot this just before consuming half of it at an inter-office party at my work place last week.


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