Newest Painting and an Interesting Show

My newest oil painting, "Packard" is 18x24 inches and hangs for the next week or so in a gallery in the Pittsburgh suburb of McMurray. This is probably the last painting I'll do prior to being married and moving out of my place. I'll do my best to keep painting, (even if it means not eating or sleeping!).

Aside from that If you like really beautiful oil paintings of historic maritime scenes, then check out an exhibit of interest at a museum I've been meaning to visit - The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. The exhibit is called "The Grandeur of America's Age of Sail". It is a major retrospective of the works of one of my favorite living oil painters, John Stobart. This exhibit has special meaning to me for a couple reasons. "John Stobart's Three Rivers Gallery" was the first real gallery in Pittsburgh I ever had display any of my oil paintings. Also, I met Mr. Stobart on more than one occasion when he visited his Gallery here in Pittsburgh. He's an unassuming British bloke who stands about five foot nothing and who's major influence growing up in Britain was the painter John Constable (easy to see why). One side note of interest: When you look at Stobart's paintings, try to find a wine bottle somewhere in the composition. He is known to paint wine bottles somewhere in his paintings. Sometimes it's obvious, but given the size of his work most times it isn't. One more thing I forgot to mention - According to the mailer I have in front of me, the show runs from March 28th to June 13th. Happy travels!


  1. Hey Joe, this is a great painting! It almost looks liquified (if that makes sense). It really takes an artist's eye to see beyond what most people see and get the essence of a subject, especially something with so much reflection and detail. Nice!