Christendom, Photos, and Murals

Here's another composition from my little St. Valentine photoshoot a few days ago. Sun coming in through the stained glass windows. As you can tell from the architectural style, this is a very 1950s/60s era structure. Not really my favorite look, but you go with what you got. I'd love a more gothic or baroque style church to shoot. The kind with lots of frescos, Ya know...

Speaking of beautiful churches, I'm going to see some church murals in the Millvale section of Pittsburgh this weekend. There was a story about them in last Sunday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "Murals For The Ages - The Millvale Murals of St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church". Read it here.

The murals were done by Maximilian Vanka (1889-1963), and the church is having an open house this weekend to kick-off a fund-raising campaign to bring the murals local, then global attention. I hope to get many nice shots of the church as well as the murals to share.

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