Inspirational Photography

Inspired by the beautiful floral arrangements back on Easter Sunday morning on the altar at my church in sunny and fashionable Bethel Park, I decided to go back the next day and take some shots. As it turned out, because of the main lights being off, and me not wanting to lug a tripod around, the most successful shots were of the stained glass windows. This is the interior of the church next to the bell tower I posted a while back by the way. I'll share the many other decent shots from this little shoot in the days to come. I used my Cannon G10 for these. The G10 is a fantastic camera! I fell deeply in lust with it last summer upon hearing that, even though it's technically a "point n' shoot", it shoots RAW as well as JPG files. And as every self-respecting hack photographer knows - RAW RULES! Actually calling it a point n' shoot is an insult. It can do OH so much more! The settings for this particular shot were ISO 200,  f/3.5, 1/200 second with a 15.7mm lens setting. Then I processed it up really right using my Adobe CS4 stuff.

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