Another Art DVD

I've decided to stay on the subject of the art book and DVD addiction that I'm enjoying, er... I mean, trying to solve lately. One DVD box set I purchased recently and am looking forward to watching, is by yet another British art critic. This one is called Brian Sewell (The critic not the box set). The box set is called "Brian Sewell's Grand Tour of Italy". It supposedly retraces the steps that European upperclass men of the 1700s and 1800s took in order to become cultured citizens in high society. The DVD visits Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Siena, and Milan, showing the country’s dazzling cathedrals, palazzos, paintings, and sculptures while also giving insight into the travels and travails of tourists back then.

I'd only vaguely heard of "The Grand Tour" but never really knew what was ment by it until reading a biography of J.M.W. Turner. Now I know. See what reading does for you!

On the photography front, Being as I like all things that are beautiful, I was looking forward to shooting classic Fords tonight at an area car cruise. Classic cars are beautiful. Not going to happen. It's raining now. Summer storm. Good night to stay in and watch an art DVD.