Sketching has begun for Sketchbook Project 2011!

Finally received the sketchbook the other day that I ordered from Art House Co-op! I actually got the one my co-worker ordered for us a couple weeks ago at the office, but since he placed the order, and our company paid for it, it didn’t have my name on it, so I ordered one for my own self. (Just what I always wanted, my own bar code!). The projects' web site can be found here.

Here is my first sketch done early this morning around 6:15ish (any wonder why I chose "sleepless" as the theme!?).  Found the figure dummy in the bottom drawer of a cabinet in my new studio. Didn't even think I had it with me. Sat the thing in front of me and did this. Took about 20 minutes total maybe. I have to look in books and try to figure out some better poses though. Hopefully I'll find,... (okay MAKE) time to do another sketch before passing out tonight. Not necessarily of the same subject, but maybe.

Been bouncing cover ideas for the book (which measures only 5.5 x 8.5 inches by the way) off a creative friend of mine. To me, that's the most important part, the cover.

Bye for now!