Finding it really enjoyable this sketchbook thing! The thing about sketching is, I always like to have a goal or a reason so to speak, to do anything other than a finished oil painting. I mean, I always liked to draw, but having less and less time lately has just forced me to squeeze out any sketching or drawing and try to focus mainly on finished paintings. I know, I know... the two should go hand-in-hand. Unless you’re Caravaggio of course,... but I digress...  It's just nice to know that now, even a quick sketch is part of a larger "finished" project that people will have a chance to see. The Sketchbook Project!

Did this the other day at lunch. The reference photo was in a book about sculpture. This piece is by Michelangelo and it's the head of Duke Giuliano De' Medici. Who I think was a nephew of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Not sure about that. I'd have to check. I think that Magnifico had a brother named Giuliano, but I don’t think he lived long enough to become a duke, since he died in the assassination of 1478. Oh those whacky Italians!

Actually the sculpture is probably somewhat stylized, since it really resembles the famous "David" statue. I have a feeling that the Medicis weren’t that good looking.