Two Anniversaries

Two anniversaries make today special. One, it’s my dads birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! He's in the middle standing on the running board there. My dad (and mum), put me through college even though they probably had no idea where I got an interest in art, design and photography from. They let me live at home after college longer than many parents would let their kids. They are a huge reason I live the life I enjoy today. Unfortunately for them I'm still in their hair from time to time!!

Two, it's the anniversary of day two of the battle of Gettysburg. I read a fantastic book about day two a few years back, and on this day I always go back and re-read the pages I marked. The book is called "Twilight at Little Round Top" by Glenn LaFantasie. It's a super book all about day 2. I love how parts of it gives the events from the point of view of some of the soliders as well as giving a good overview of what happened that day. You get a real feel for how bad that day was on a very human level.
I also just downloaded a podcast of some Gettysburg battlefield tours. I'll be listening to those later on today too.

The second day was the turning point of the battle, despite the attention that Picketts charge on the third day gets. It's just amazing to think about how different the country was back then, and how much slower things moved without the info highway we're on today. Try to imagine being a farmer out in the Pennsylvania countryside, hearing just rumors of whats going on, and then experiencing an army marching through your property and turning it into a killing ground. Makes me sad for the people that that's happening to these days in the middle east. As fas as life in this country is concerned, that old saying "Things were simpler then" is always total crap. We have it so easy today it's not even funny. People in the distant past (19th century and before) had it hard. We're a bunch of cry babies today!

That's it for me until next week. Have a great July 3rd (Gettysburg day 3) and 4th!