Yes it is a GREAT day in Pittsburgh when Paul McCartney is here for the first time in 20 years or more! The first of two concerts is tonight at the new "state of the art" Consol Energy Center. I am going tomorrow night, which by the way, I hear is the last stop on his current tour. Perhaps the last time he plays in the states ever!   Like two school girls, myself and a friend went up to the new Consol Energy Center at lunch yesterday to catch a glimps of anything concert related. I took a bunch of shots, one of which I'm sharing here. The other is a little montage I designed from other shots I took yesterday as well. His music was blastin’ out of the exterior speakers of the arena all day for the entire Hill District to enjoy!!   I cannot wait for tomorrow night!

Here’s a bit of Paul trivia for you: What was the initial song title of Paul’s legendary hit “Yesterday”?