Well it's been not quite a week and I am still on a McCartney high from being at the concert on the 19th!  I remember this feeling from last time I saw him eight years ago.  It's quite enjoyable!  Click here to see a YouTube clip of the show.  The answers to the McCartney trivia questions I gave you last time are: Sonny Liston and James Coburn.  (Scroll down to see the questions from my previous post).  I mentioned two posts ago that my painting of the Beatles was published in a big book of Beatle art.  Well here is the book.

It can be purchased by clicking here.  Some really good paintings of just Paul in there as well.

One last Beatles-related trivia question for this week:  What modern-day musician appeared as a child extra in the film A Hard Days Night?
For and extra bonus:  What was the working title of that same film?

All this McCartney mania had gotten me away from my sketchbook I'm doing for The Sketchbook Project 2011.  Well the other day I got back to it for awhile.  Here is a quickie from my book along with the start of what will become a very finished pencil rendering of a still life, which will then morph into an oil painting.  I'm very into classic still lifes of everyday objects, lit with some drama.   Click here to join the sketchbook project and create your own book for next years tour!  It's like a concert tour but with sketchbooks.  Think old Paulie will come to see my tour?  Doubt it.