To quote a favorite McCartney ditty, "When you’re wide awake, say it for goodness sake, It’s gonna be a great day."  And so it should be because I'm going to the McCartney concert tonight!  As my little blog tribute I'm posting my painting from about 6 years ago of the Beatles.  I did this for a theme show with the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Gallery.  The painting was also reproduced in the book "Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four" by Linda Webb which you can purchase by clicking here.  Some really good artwork in that book.  I'd do a much looser, more painterly job if I had the chance to do it again.  Was in a rush to get this done for the exhibit.  Big Rockwell influence on that piece as you can see. Anyway, I saw Paul in 2002 at the Gund Arena in Cleveland on his “Driving USA” tour and it was SUPER.  For the Post-Gazette review and video clip of last nights show click here.

The answer to yesterday's trivia question, "What was the initial song title of Paul McCartney’s legendary hit Yesterday" is Scrambled Eggs.  All Beatle freaks know that one.

Here’s today’s McCartney trivia question:  In the early 60s Paul had a steady girlfriend named Jane.  Jane’s brother was a musician.  What was the name of his group?  For an extra bonus:  What was the name of that groups’ hit song which Paul wrote for them?

All this Paul-mania has gotten me away from talking about my sketchbook for "The Sketchbook Project 2011".  Truth is I haven’t worked on it at all this week.  But that will soon change and I’ll be posting more of my sketches right here.