The McCartney show last night was fantastic (As if I'd say anything else)!  But it really was.  3 hours I'll never forget.  The stage set up was awesome.  He sounded great for his age and even did some different songs than he did "the night before" (that’s a Beatles tune get it?).

The screens on either side of the stage were huge, but I found myself enjoying the view through my binocs a little better.  Guess I'm old fashioned (or just weird), but I really prefer seeing a show from my own unique vantage point (even if it is through field glasses) rather than paying $200 a ticket to stare at a TV screen all night.  Hugh though they were.  Here’s a few pics.

The show seemed more low-key and intimate than the one I saw 8 years ago in Cleveland.  Partially because I had way better seats this time round.  Partially because that was my first time seeing him live.  And partially because the intro at the show 8 years ago was so wild and creative.

Really wish I would have brought my Canon G10 instead of my little Nikon CoolPix.  But these shots are better than what we were allowed in Cleveland, which was nothing at all.

One of the highlights was when some saucy little trollop from Philly was allowed to go up on stage and have him autograph her thigh.  Which he gladly did.

Alright It's time for more McCartney Trivia!!
Answer to yesterdays blog trivia questions:  Peter and Gordon.  "World Without Love"

Today's Question:  What former boxing champion's likeness appeared on the Sgt. Pepper Album cover?
Bonus Question:  What American film star appeared on the cover of the Band on the Run LP?