Cat Scratch Fever

Did I ever mention that the girl I married has a cat? As a result, we now have a cat. Lilly is her name. I thought for a while that sketching a cat would be fun and useful to my artistic skills. Turns out that It may prove to be useful, but it ain’t much fun!

For one, she moves too fast when she’s awake to do a decent sketch of. Also, when she’s not awake (which is most of the time) she is curled up in the shape of an apostrophe which isn’t real interesting to draw.

So as a result these three sketches are all I’ve done of her so far. What can I say, the light was low, she is mostly black, the couch is deep red... you get the idea.


Last night I fired up the battery in my good old Canon Rebel SLR which is the oldest camera I own, but which has the ability to shoot in continuous burst mode the best of any of my cameras. So I’m going to try taking some photos and do her up really right from there.

And quit complaining.