Latest Sketches and The Beatles

Thought I’d share my latest couple sketches from my Sketchbook Project 2011 sketchbook. Shot the reference myself as usual. Quick ones these.

So quick in fact that I got the proportions messed up a bit.

But that’ll happen.

In other news, tomorrow is the big day for Apple (Apple computer not Apple Corp LTD). After years of trying, Apple is going to have all the Beatles songs available on iTunes. Not a big deal for me since I pretty much have everything Beatles that has come out since the CD versions of the albums in early 80s. But I just wanted to post this picture from Apples web site. This image is so cool isn’t it?

I've seen this shot before I believe, but I can't help but wonder weather these were individual shots that were put together in photoshop.

Anyway the Beatles are the best band ever. Period.

The End.

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