Very Important Meetings

Meetings at work can be described as unavoidable, productive, boring, fun, and yes, even useless. One meeting I had to attend recently touched on all of those and OH so much more!

Here is one page of quick sketchs I did while waiting for a recent meeting to get underway. Sketches like this are great practice for drawing heads, but sadly (tongue placed firmly in cheek here) I don’t have to attend many meetings.

The challenge on this was of course that people are always in motion so I had to just capture the overall shape and look of the subjects. That is what’s  sometimes called “gesture drawing”. Although these are a little more sloppier than a true gesture drawing. Gesture drawing is something that I think of as referring to sketching the entire figure from life, in as few lines as possible, but I suppose it can be used in describing any subject done in that way.

The other challenge which is not apparent here is the fact that light was flooding in from behind everybody. From where I always end up sitting in these things everybody is always backlit. Great for seeing outline form, not so great for seeing detail.

Here is a little more detailed sketch done a bit later in that very same meeting. Most of the effort was put into the mug, but then I added the girl. She was sitting immediately in front of the mug and to the left of it. I decided it was a little better composition to place her further away and off to the right.

By the way, these were all done in my Sketchbook Project 2011 sketchbook. The tour has added a few more museum venues too. Check it out here, and plan your vacations next year accordingly.

Meeting adjourned!

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