Heads and Things

With the busy Christmas season well underway my progress on the Sketchbook Project has been frighteningly slow. The last thing I did (which was last Saturday) was the page shown here.

A few months back, at a reception for the last Society of Illustrators exhibit, I shot a bunch of photos of this trio jamming away. Working from my photos, I sketched them lightly in pencil weeks ago, then on a whim last Saturday, decided to use color pencils on the composition. I was halfway through when I remembered that I had a totally different, and probably better, color pencil treatment in mind when I first started.

In any case, I'm not finished with this one yet, so stay tuned to see how it turns out.

I started two additional figure drawings as well recently. As usual, I finished a fairly detailed but quick head drawing first, then use that head to measure the rest of the proportions of the figure. One is of a man holding a saxophone, the other is a tennis action shot. Each are from my bank of reference material I shoot.

I have yet to complete the figure portions on these, but here are the finished heads.

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