Still Life Sold

A few years ago I decided to try and do smaller, looser paintings. Paintings I could complete in a day or two. Paintings I could either do from life or from photos I shot.

Here's one of those paintings.

I'm happy to say that I sold this painting today to a little girl I used to work with. It's 5x7 inches.

The plan was that I would do many of these quickly, build up a stash of them, and find venues to sell them. Somehow things just happen that pulled me in other directions though. One of those things was coming to the realization that small pieces don't really stand out in group exhibits. Another of those things was getting married and having to move.

Now that I'm settled into my new, albeit smaller studio, I've decided to try and do one large piece a year for the various shows I enter, and a smattering of small, tasty little gems along the way. Now for me "large" means about 16x20 inches.

Here was the "large" piece that I did late last year that has been making the rounds this year.

It is 16x20 and will be moving from the Society of Illustrators show it is currently in, down in McKees Rocks, to a Pittsburgh Society of Artists Annual Member exhibit in town at the Art Institute Gallery.

 More to come about that show soon!

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