Today’s Featured Sketch and Some Facts of Interest

Did this colored pencil drawing for my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. It’s from an old photo - Fred Perry I think. He was the last British man to win the gentleman’s singles title at Wimbledon. That was in 1936. Sux to be a British tennis fan I guess.

Anyway, I like looking at old images and reading about history, so it only follows that those things would find their way into my art right? Right.

On the painting exhibit front, it’s almost spring which means there are a few new exhibits coming up for me. One is a group show at a gallery in McMurray PA, and another is the 14th annual Art All Night event in the Lawrenceville section of the city. I’ve only done that show once before, but it’s a really cool and fun time. More on these and other upcoming shows in future posts.

The Pittsburgh Society of Artists annual exhibit is going on right now at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s gallery on the Blvd. of the Allies in downtown. Thats a really nice show (and not just because I’m in it). However you only have a few days to see it because it ends this Friday (January 28th).

Lastly, since our Stillers’ are goin’ to the Super Bowl, wanted to share a link I found on the origins of the teams names, so you’ll know just who your watching come Sunday, February 6.



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