Today’s Featured Sketch

Thought this was an appropriate drawing to share with you during the AFC divisional playoffs.

I Did this drawing from life for the Sketchbook Project and had great fun doing it too. This is one of those miniature 75th anniversary helmets. I just positioned it right next to the little 19 inch flat screen the wife got me for my studio, sat in my recliner, and using one of those laptop supports, sketched away!

So while I was doing this up really right, at the same time I was able to watch the Jets beat the Peyton Mannings last Sunday evening in the AFC wildcard playoff game. I put some finishing touches to it the next day which is why it’s dated Monday 1/10.

What a great way to spend an evening - Art and football. I was so happy with the finished drawing that I took a bunch of reference photos of the helmet lit dramatically so I’ll be able to execute a nice painting from my sketch.

Speaking of the Sketchbook Project, I mailed mine in the other day. Here is a shot of the book for posterity, (since I’ll probably never see it again).

Like the Beatles White Album style cover?

I knew you would.



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