New Painting - Steps 2 to Finish

Well... I was going to carry on my step-by-step of the new oil painting “Salt and Pepper” this week with one step per post. But then I realized how inconsistent I am at shooting progress shots as I work on paintings! What happens is, I have a painting session, then afterwards, I wallow in the enjoyment and satisfaction that the act of creation gives me. Then I get engrossed in planning what the next step will be and forget all about shooting what I’ve done.

As a result, the three images shown below, which were shot early in the process, are a fairly good representation of how the painting progressed during the first session.

 Then the wallowing and engrossing (as described above) began, and the progress shots quickly got forgotten. So as you can see in the final image below, the main thing that I changed was the rendering of fabric and values in the background.

I never tire of dramatic lighting effects - one of my favorite painters is Caravaggio after all - so I decided to really darken down the background, and just hint at the fact that there might be a piece of fabric back there.
The type on the can was the biggest challenge. I met that in two sessions - one for the painting of the type, the other for the surrounding areas of color after the type dried.

P.S. The next stop for my Sketchbook Project sketchbook is the SPACE Gallery at 538 Congress Street in Portland, Maine.

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