Today’s Featured Sketch and a Painting

Following up on all my recent posts featuring the work of the great American illustrator J.C. Leyendecker, thought I’d share two pieces I’ve done that were based on his style - Well, one is based on his style, the other is a pencil drawing using one of his paintings as reference.

Here is the drawing:

I did this for my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. Copying a favorite master artist is good practice for any artist, and I had loads of fun working this up. I always love the chiseled angles of his work.

And here is the painting:

I made sure to incorporate two of my favorite Leyendecker design elements in this oil painting, a nice sharp scroll, and an architectural base (taken from an Arrow collar ad I believe).

Back in 2003 I submitted this painting to a printing company in New Jersey who was soliciting art for use on their fine arts calendar for 2004. They chose this painting to feature on their calendar for the month of September, presumably because that is when the men’s finals of the U.S. Open are played. Someone there must have been a tennis fan just like myself! The painting was also incorporated into the cover design of the same calendar.

No worries lawyers, I made no money from that usage, and paintings that I sell are created only from MY own reference photos or from life.


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