Christmas... In July?

Well not exactly.

As part of my current solo exhibit of twenty-seven paintings going on in the South Hills of Pittsburgh this month, there are three still lifes that have garnered some very positive public feedback. In fact, one has just recently been purchased.

All three paintings are little, five by seven inch, oils that have a Christmas theme. I’ve been doing a new painting for the holiday season every year for the past few years. This becomes my holiday card I send out to friends, collectors, and art galleries.

The subject of this particular still life is an arrangement of holiday cookies my mother made. The title is “Cutouts”. There were infinite compositions for this subject (almost as infinite as the number of cookies she makes) and I’ll probably execute some of them in the future, but I settled on this arrangement for now. If I keep the scale the same, but ad more cookies it could become almost an abstract composition, which could be cool if done right.

Next time we’ll look at another holiday-themed oil painting!


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