Photography Sidebar - Part 2

The cool thing about photography is that in order to turn an average snapshot into a really good artistic shot, the same design and composition rules apply as in painting. The one rather challenging difference in sports (in this case tennis) photography however, is that the subject is moving really fast so you can’t control the subject. You have to just know where the action is going to take place, set yourself up, and hang on for the ride!

Here are some shots I took at this years PNC Bank “Futures of Pittsburgh” event in the Pittsburgh suburb of Mt. Lebanon that I mentioned last post. It just ended last Sunday.

One fun thing to do, is zoom in on players faces after the points. Sometimes these type of shots can really tell a story.

One, non-tennis photography, note for today - Christie’s is auctioning a bunch of never seen photos of the first American tour of your favorite band and mine, The Beatles. Click here to bid on these beautiful signed gelatin silver prints. Click here to read the Ecatalogue.

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