Today’s Featured Sketchs and Exhibit Postcards

Today’s featured pencils come from my sketchbook which is part of the Sketchbook Tour 2011.

The next stop for the tour is the Hyde Park Art Center at 5020 South Cornell Avenue, in Chicago IL. It will be displayed there from July 14-17. It’s like a concert tour but with sketchbooks.

This is basically the preliminary sketch for what became my painting “Lilly Mesmerized”, which currently hangs in an exhibit at a public library in one of Pittsburgh’s lovely suburbs.

This was done in about an hour from a photo I shot (and boy do I have a lot of photos of her). That's the tough part about composing a picture of pets, they just move so darn fast and the lighting being less than good inside, and me being not a big fan of using flash - it just adds up to a pile of not real good reference. But this one was good. Too good to pass on doing a painting of.

I do of course sketch her from life sometimes. Most of those time are when she’s sleeping, curled up in the shape of a big hairy apostrophe. Here are some of those sketches:

One final note - my solo exhibit is now up in the Public Library of Mt. Lebanon which is in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The exhibit will last through the entire month of July. Here are some shots of that show just after set up.

Click here to read local press coverage of the exhibit!


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