Light in august

Today's featured painting is a little 5x7 landscape called "Light in August". This painting was purchased earlier this year by a lady who  wanted it to go with another small still life she bought from me two years ago.

As the title states, the subject is the sunlight streaking through the trees and lighting that patch of grass in the middle ground of the picture plane. The brook helps to give some depth and interest to the scene.

One other element that helps add interest to the scene and lets the viewer's eye "escape" is the faint patch of sky at top right. It may seem trivial, but if you take that away and just have a dense wall of trees there, the scene becomes much more oppressive.

To a viewer, this scene could be pretty much anywhere, which I'm fine with because the goal was to render sunlight and exude a feeling of serenity. Truth be known, it's a park called "Mingo Creek" not far from my studio.

I borrowed the title from a William Faulkner novel - hey, it fits right?


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