Salt and Pepper

The newest still life I've completed this year continues the "perishable goods" theme that I seem to be on the last few years. Totally unintentional that mind you. It's just that I tend to paint what is always close at hand. And I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables!

                            "Salt and Pepper"

Totally going for the alternate meaning/play on words, and a bit of whimsey in this piece that will bring a chuckle (if not a full blown snort) out of the viewer. I like the fact that my realistic and drama-lit way of painting it contrasts with, and twists that humor.

To me what really makes this composition work is the little girls gaze.

In any painting with a figure, the viewer's eye is going to follow the path that the main figure is looking. Then the viewer's eye sees what the subject sees and automatically flows right back to that main figure, thereby holding the viewers attention for more than a mere second or two. And really, isn't that the aim of every good painting?
Well certainly!


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