Selling an Elf

Most folks like Christmas or "the holidays". Many folks like elves, and everybody enjoys vintage ornaments. So it only follows that lots of folks like vintage elf ornaments at Christmas and the holidays! And what better way to bring to a crescendo the warm and fuzzy merging of folks love of elves, ornaments, Christmas, and the holidays than in a painting? A painting of a vintage holiday elf ornament!

                                 "Jolly Old Elf"   5x7 inches,   oil on canvas

I received a lot of positive feedback when this painting was displayed in my solo exhibit back in July, but nobody bought it at that time. That's why it's always good, in a solo show, (if the venue will allow it) to include plenty of sample sheets with contact information for viewers to take.

In addition to holidays, ornaments, and elves, people love free stuff. Sample sheets, even more so than business cards, are kept in prominent places by interested viewers who at some point may want to make a purchase. I’ve had people email me to say they have my sample sheet tacked up on their cubical walls at work. It’s encouraging when someone contacts me about buying a piece months after an exhibit closes.

That's what happened recently when I received a call from a local gentleman who purchased “Jolly Old Elf” to give to a sibling this holiday season. I've got a couple more small holiday pieces I'm now working up that he wants to potentially purchase for other family members as well. What a great feeling it was after we met, to watch him page through my website galleries on his smartphone and get his reaction to my work first hand. This is the second holiday painting I've sold in the past month.

Yes, it's the holidays all year long!


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