More John Singer Sargent at the National Gallery of Art

Here is another great oil painting by John  Singer Sargent that hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

                   John Singer Sargent, “Repose”

This was his niece, Rose-Marie Ormond. This is a less of a “finished” painting than the one in the previous post, and it is smaller (only 25 inches without the frame). However it is no less amazing to study. Just look at the wonderful brushwork of that gown!

Loosely executed, but confidently calculated!

The blue light bouncing off certain areas just makes it sing doesn’t it? The dominant color in this piece is on the blue/cool side of the color wheel. The color that sets off the blue areas are the warm yellow/gold notes of the huge gilded frame and Victorian side table next to her. As far as color goes, using a dominant color overall, with select areas of the color that is opposite it on the color wheel is a tried and true method for creating a successful composition.

Oh you just Love Sargent!


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