Shooting New Cookies

I’ve been busier than I’d like with graphic design work lately and can only take a moment to share one of the new Holiday paintings I’ve recently done. Here is the re-worked cookie painting that a patron has been clamoring for.

                             Cutouts, 5x7 oil on canvas

Scroll down to the previous post to see the first version of this little painting. A few differences here and there, but basically the same composition, which is what my buyer wanted. Frankly I’m tired of looking at it, but it will be used on the JoeWinklerArt.com holiday card for this year. Sorry to spoil the surprise if you’re on my mailing list, but such is life in the information saturation age that we live in.

I photographed this painting last weekend along with a few others and the resulting electronic files I get are always pleasing.

I almost always shoot my paintings prior to varnishing them because there is less glare that way. I always shoot my work the same way which is with my Canon G-10, out of doors, in open shade, using a tripod, and placing the painting on an easel.

Next, I always set the white balance to cloudy, and use the lowest ISO I can, and the fastest shutter speed I can. Then I’ll put the camera in self-timer mode so the picture is taken without me touching the camera, and freeing up my hands to position any reflectors and things.

And last but not least, I always make sure to shoot a RAW file as opposed to a JPG, which gives me a nice huge, information-packed file to process up really right, big, and good on my computer.

Oh yeah! - Getting back to the graphic design work I mentioned, click here for the electronic version of the latest newsletter I designed for a local hospital client!

Now on to the next crisis...


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