Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

I am writing this post on the 48th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination. Being interested in history I am sometimes inspired by it enough to get an idea for a painting. Here is a painting I did, as a student, after hearing about some historical parallels between the Lincoln and Kennedy administrations.

                  “Lincoln and Kennedy” 10x15 inches, oil on board

Truth really is stranger, (and I think much more interesting) than fiction - even the fiction of crazy conspiracy theorists where the Kennedy assassination is concerned.

There is a super piece on the New York Times web site about just that. CLICK HERE and watch the video of scholar and writer Josiah Thompson explain the real story of a figure seen on the Zapruder film, who "wing nut" conspiracy theorists have pointed to for years as being one of the shooters that day - The Umbrella Man.

It’s a great comment on how we as Americans view this historical event on a very different level than other events - And  how truth really is stranger than fiction!


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