The Steelers, Pittsburgh, and a Hollywood Connection

In the previous post I shared a holiday painting that is currently hanging in the Fein Art Gallery in Pittsburgh which has its Holiday exhibit going on now through early January. Here is the second painting that is part of that same exhibit:

                    "Steelers Ornament" 5x7 oil on canvas

This past summer I exhibited "Steelers Ornament" in my solo show of about thirty originals, which included the rest of my holiday oil paintings up to that time. The venu was the Mt. Lebanon Public Library which is a few miles from where I grew up. Mt. Lebanon is a nice suburb of Pittsburgh, and the library there has a clean and spacious gallery entrance. The exhibit got good feedback and I sold two paintings, but the “Steelers Ornament” was not one of them. A few months later however that was to change.

Of all the good words I received about the painting, none was better than the comments I received, via a phone conversation, from Pittsburgh native, and Steeler Fan Joe Manganiello.

I am clueless about the current "A list" of Hollywood stars who are from my own hometown. It was through a friend I found out that Mr. Manganiello, aside from being a Pittsburgh native and rabid Steeler fan, is (and has been for a long while) a very well known talent in the entertainment world.

                              Joe Manganiello, Steeler Fan, and all around good Joe.

Suffice it to say that I am now happier than ever that my oil painting "Steelers Ornament" did not sell last summer, because it will soon be added to the private collection of award-winning actor, and Pittsburgh native, Mr. Joe Manganiello!

Happy Holidays everybody!!



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