Say “Wine and Cheese”!

While my latest hood ornament oil painting patiently awaits me to finish it off, I have begun the block in stage on a new oil painting. It is a little 14x10 inch still life, that will be titled “Wine and Cheese”.

After tweaking the composition on the computer, and transferring the drawing down accurately, I then spray the pencil lines with Krylon fix so they won’t smudge. Next I coat the surface with acrylic matte medium, which goes on milky-white, but dries clear which allows me to do the block in stage seen below.

Tell you a secret though, I didn’t use oil paint at this stage. I used raw umber and black acrylic. That’s the only time I ever use acrylics, as quick under paintings. Sometimes I’ll do a color block in at this stage, but I envision a very muted and limited color scheme as the finish state of this piece.

This composition originated from many reference photos I shot at an office party a couple years ago.
WHAT?! You’re not allowed wine at your office gatherings? How unfortunate for you!


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