New Steeler Still Life - Mini-Helmet

Last year I shared this image, of one of my still life drawings, with you:

I wanted to do a painting along the lines of this setup and wondered what I could put in place of that cheap “fan” figurine on the right. One option was to simply crop in on the helmet and get rid of the “fan”. The tougher option was to come up with a better object that would almost serve as an unobtrusive, yet related, background.

Well after some consideration, sketches, and new photos, I decided my Steeler T-shirt would do nicely.

When I say “new” photos, I mean I set up the shirt recently, lit it, then took about fifty digital shots with the shirt in different positions. After that I whittled the shots down to three I liked and retouched them into the existing photo of the helmet (which I shot about two years ago).  I love being able to tweek compositions in photoshop.

Here is step one of the new painting:

                            "Commemorative Mini-helmet", step one


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