Cougar Art - Part 1

Early last month the Houlihan’s restaurant chain sent out an e-mail solicitation for art submissions to review, in their process of decorating some of their new locations. Among other things, the art was to be inspired by graffiti, and is, as they put it, “buzzworthy”.

Since my oil painting style doesn’t fit the graffiti mold, and since they were accepting photographic art, I decided to revisit and augment some designs that I began years ago using photos I shot of a friends classic car as a motif.

Here are the first three of six designs I submitted:

                  "Cougar Number 1"

                                "Cougar Number 2"

                     "Cougar Number 3"

Whether they pick these designs to use or not, I really don’t care because I had fun creating them in Photoshop. I’ve decided to create a few more and upload all of them to my Flickr galleries.  I’ll post the rest of the designs next time.


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