Wine & Cheese Still Life Complete

Before I show the finished still life, here are the step-by-step oil painting images I shot as I went along:

And here is the finished oil painting:

                     “Red Wine and Bleu Cheese”, 8x10 inches, oil on canvas

Pardon the color shift in the final image, but the previous step-by-step images are only snapshots done on the fly in a mix of natural and lamp light. The final piece matches the real thing.

To see for yourself, come and look at the real thing in­ my solo exhibit May 11th and 12th at the Shaw Galleries­! I've got this painting housed in a nice, slightly baroque-style, antique gold frame that dovetails with the feel of the painting beautifully!

Next post I'll share the photos I shot as reference for this painting, and the decisions I had to make early (and late) in the process of working her up really right!


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