You Are SO Invited!

Well, as usual, I had so much fun creating my newest still life that I neglected to take many step-by-step shots while the fun was being had. In fact, as it sits on my easel today, the piece is just about finished, and here all I have to share with you are these images:

I’m extremely happy with the final piece, but I refuse to release it for public viewing until my next solo exhibit. That exhibit will take place the Friday and Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend (May 11th and 12th) at the Shaw Galleries in downtown Pittsburgh. Yes that’s right, I’ll have a few walls (or sections of a few walls) all to myself in a nice gallery right here in the Burg.

Here is an invite to the reception I created just for you!

 Stay tuned for more details on that exhibit. Meantime, the second in a series of classic hood ornaments I am painting, makes it’s public debut this weekend, in a group exhibit of fine art, at the Galleria of Mt. Lebanon, (a fine southern hills suburb of the city!).

                                     "Flying" 18x24, oil on canvas


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