Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit

Are you a devotee of da Vinci? An admirer of anatomy? A disciple of drawing? Or all of the above?

Well, after you’ve helped the rest of the UK to celebrate the Queens diamond jubilee this month by attending the McCartney concert at the Victoria Memorial, I suggest you remain in London for a few more days and go see an exhibit called “Leonardo da Vinci, Anatomist” at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

Among the items on display are ground-breaking anatomical drawings that were thought to be lost to the world. Leonardo was skilled in so many areas of interest that it’s tough to fully appreciate his contribution to various specific disciplines of today.

One thing is certain however, he sliced up more than a few cadavers in his day (must’ve smelled fantastic) and the detailed drawings which resulted from those slicings were ground-breaking stuff as far as human anatomy goes.

If you want to avoid the rigors of travel to see the exhibit, you may like to view the entire collection by simply clicking here.

And of course there’s even a “Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy” app you can get for your all new iPad.


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