Postcards From Summer 2012

My autumn oil painting sessions have already begun in earnest and I'll share pictures of new work in progress with you soon. Today I  wanted to take a look back over the past few months and share a few pics from summer.

This summer offered some great photographic opportunities! Opportunities to both build my painting reference digital library, as well as add some nice photos to my on-line galleries.

In July the wife and I enjoyed southern singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams performing a concert at a county park.

"Cotton fields stretchin' miles and miles, Hank's voice on the radio....
Car whee-heeels on a gravel road!"

A few weeks later we drove to Cincinnati, Ohio to watch the great Roger Federer continue his “magical summer” during the Western & Southern open.

The greatest player the sport has ever seen. Roger Federer of Switzerland.

A short while after that it was off to beautiful Mackinac (pronounced mack-in-aw) island, which sits just off the coast of Michigan in lake Huron.

Moonlight on the lake.

Then of course there was the various obligatory nature close-ups right here in the sunny southern hills of western Pennsylvania.

Not sure just what these flowers are...

All of these and OH! so much more can be seen in my Flickr Galleries.

Time to get back to painting...


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