Italy Photos and a Good Problem

Between getting delayed in my return from Italy and not having my computer back from the tech guy who was updating it - it isn't until now and the next few days (weeks?) that I'm beginning to process up all the many photos I shot.

Here is the start of those:

St. Peter's Square, from day one of our trip.

I enjoy shooting into the sun and getting a nice silhouette of the subject as well as a dramatic sky. As you can see, I didn't follow the recent and very popular look of an "HDR" image however. HDR means "high dynamic range". In an HDR shot, the silhouette of buildings and obelisk would be destroyed and all the detail of those buildings would be as visible, and as brilliant, as the sky, which in my opinion would ruin the shot.

I'm not really a big fan of HDR photography. Much of it looks fake to me. However it is the look that has been hot for the past few years now. You do see a lot of it in the media today - movie posters and such.

A Swiss guard ready to kick some butt!

Anyway, normally I do shoot in RAW mode, but when there is the volume of shots to be taken as there was in this trip (well over one thousand) I just shoot JPGs. The good thing is that any version of Adobe Camera Raw after CS2 (I think) lets you open JPGs. Not to mention the fact that loads more JPGs can fit on a memory card than true RAW files.

Shooting digital is great, but the one problem with it is that there are just so many shots to work with after getting back. But I'm not complaining. It's a good problem to have!


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